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DeSoto Physical Therapy

Physical therapist in Stonewall, Louisiana


DeSoto Physical Therapy


318 Plantation Hills Blvd, Stonewall, LA 71078
Stonewall LA 71078
United States


(318) 775-9870

DeSoto Physical Therapy was opened in January 2016, to serve the town Stonewall, LA as well as surrounding areas of Desoto Parish. We are proud to provide individualized, hands on physical therapy based upon the latest research. We are committed to getting you the best results in fewer visits! Stop by today, introduce yourself, and take a look around the clinic while we discuss any of your physical therapy needs. You don't have to drive to Shreveport or Mansfield anymore to get back on your feet. You can receive high quality healthcare right here in Stonewall!


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Amanda Mars

Physical therapy

4 days ago NEW Rehabbing at DeSoto PT after a major knee injury & surgery including 2 tibial plateau fractures, dislocation, full thickness ACL tear, severe meniscus damage and full thickness shearing of cartilage of the femoral condyle. The care received has been top notch. Tyler & Ayanna are the very best!

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